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I'm Bryan! Hey how are ya? I started Ultimateboxbreaks in October of 2011. I was initially on eBay running breaks but they started to crack down on what type of auctions you could list and you had to jump through all sorts hoops to post breaks. I got tired of it and started Since then we've done over 2000 breaks busting thousands of boxes!! So far we have over 800 active box break enthusiasts here on the site and we're still growing! Ultimateboxbreaks is also an Authorized Box Breaker by Panini!!


It wont take you long to figure out why you should break here with us. 

Lets start with the UBB crew: We have such a great community here on the website! Just jump on the forum and introduce yourself and you'll find out. You guys all make this possible! Thank you!

Live Breaks every night @ 10pm est! It doesnt get any better than this! Each night you can jump on the website and know that you can get in a break immediately that night. When the card stores close, I'm still open :) Hanging with your buddies on the weekend and want to jump in a break? Do it, we're breaking that night!!

Honesty and Integrity. This is the absolute foundation of Honesty and integrity stems from the values, methods, principles of the person running the breaks. Just watch a couple of the previous breaks and you'll see I run a tight ship! Check the forum and you can see all of the great feedback!

"Collection Ready" Cards. Every card is delivered to you in the absolute best condition and they are ready to go straight into your collection. All cards are protected by brand new toploaders each and every time! No Tape will ever touch the card cases!! All cards come fully protected and if you get a big hit, it'll be sent in a brand new magnet case!!