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Whaaaaaat?!?! Where am I?

Chill out bro! You're at the UBB Store Front. Every once in a while we'll do one off breaks here the old way. You remember right? etc etc.

Regardless, you can get back to the main UBB website by clicking right here!

I've never participated in a box break, where do I start?

Welcome, you've come to the right place! Please read the "How box breaks work" and the "About UBB"  sections found in the top right hand corner of the website. This will explain the rules of the breaks!

Wait...what is a box break?

Fantastic question! A box break is a group of sports card enthusiasts each buying a portion of a unopened box of sports cards. Now that you've all bought a portion of the box its time to split up the teams. Then the box is opened live for you on camera! If you have the Colts in the break you purchased into, any Colts cards pulled out of the box are sent out to you!*

Why wouldnt I go out and buy my own box of cards?

You absolutely can do that and plenty of people do! But you have to remember that boxes are expensive now a days!! An average box is in the 100-150 range. Plus your card stores cant compete with online prices because of their overhead costs. And what if your card store sells out of that product?! Then you have to wait to order it or buy it online, pay shipping, etc etc.

Now when it comes to the highend products that cost 400-600 a box, not very many of us can shell out that kind of money to take a risk of getting "skunked" on a box. Thats another advantage of doing box breaks. The site gives you access to super high end products at only a fraction of the price! Yes you have a smaller percentage chance of hitting a card but thats what you pay for. We've seen 1 spot produce some of the biggest hits! And if the box didnt have a decent hit in it, you'll be saying "man am I glad I didnt shell out $600 for that box"

Do I need to be a member or register to participate in the box breaks?

Yep! Just head over to and sign up for free!

When are the live breaks?

We do breaks @ 10pm est right here on the site! Check out a break or two in the top right hand corner of the screen under "Live Box Break Stream" The website homepage will have all up to date info as well!

What's the login at the top of the screen?

If you have made a purchase here on the new site you have the ability to create a simple user profile to update shipping information and speed up the purchasing process. You can also make purchases as a guest as well.

How will I know when new spots are listed?

Keep checking back on the website! We fill multiple boxes every night that we break! You're bound to get your spot if you jump on the site throughout the day. Also, after you make a purchase you have the option to opt in for the marketing info which is our email list!

Where can I watch the Live Breaks?!

Right here on the website! At the top right of the screen you'll see "live box break stream"

What if I miss the live break?

The videos posted shortly after the live break under the "Previous Breaks" section at the top right corner of the site.

Also, the videos are saved directly after the break has occured right on the ustream site. Here is the link

What are the average shipping times to receive my cards?

I'm shipping every Monday/Tuesday. So all the breaks during the week will go out at once. Being able to combine breaks allows me to continue with Free Shipping!!! If you're worried about getting the card to put on ebay to sell, scans are available within 24hrs for you to use! 

Am I able to participate in the breaks if I'm from another country other than the US?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Sorry :(

I have a coupon code, how do I apply it to my order?

Good deal! When you go through the check out process like normal, there will be a section after you put in your paypal info that will say "apply a coupon code". Even if it is for a completely free spot, you still have to go through the process of putting your paypal info in. That way I can ship you the card!

Why dont you ship out the base cards in certain breaks?

Very good question! We as a site donate the base cards to local charities here in Phoenix. The kids absolutely love getting these cards and to be honest, we love donating the cards to them as well! UBB is a hits driven site and there are certain products that have way to many cards per box, especially since we break upwards of 60 boxes per week! I want to make sure we rip all the boxes throughout the year and not just the super high-end stuff. What I do in return for your guys' understanding and willingness to donate is do multiple Bonus or Free Boxes throughout the month! Thank you once again for your understanding with the base cards!

What if I have another question or special request?

Just shoot me an email!