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How Box Breaks Work-Rules


These breaks are meant to be fun and give you a chance to get a high valued card at a fraction of the price.

With that being said here are the rules we all play by. By making a purchase through this website you agree to abide by these rules and the decisions rendered by following them.

1)      Products and Procedures

  • a.       To ensure the legitimacy of the break we will give you the serial number of the box (if available), give a list of participants and the teams/groups they have purchased
  • b.      We do ALL breaks LIVE.   It doesn't get any better than that!
  • c.       All breaks are also recorded and posted on the website for review at any time
  • d.      The breaks will be done when all teams/groups have been SOLD OUT 
  • e.       All boxes are in hand unless otherwise stated. No waiting!
  • f.       We Crack The Case On Camera for you! If we dont have a sealed case, we'll let you know!

2)      Purchasing a Random Spot

a.      Random Spot Purchase:

      i.     This is the most common approach for The reason being that everyone has a fair shot at the big teams. How we do team draft is simple. Throughout the day you can purchase spots on the website. For that box listed in the title when you buy a spot, your name will be entered into If you buy multiple spots for that box, you name will be entered multiple times. Then we do the draft live each night before the break. You'll see your name matched up to an alphabetical list of the teams. Click Here for an example video of how it works.

      ii. Buy 1 Get 1 Free: When Buy 1 Get 1 Free is listed in the title of the break, this means that each spot you purchase will grant you two random teams decided by for the box listed in the title.

3)       Multi-Player Cards

a.       Dual or Triple Player Cards

             i.      A multiplayer card will go the team on the top of the card.

             ii.      If the players are listed left to right, it’s the team on the left.

b.      Quad or Higher Player Cards

               i.      It will go to the team on the top left or on the top of the card. If the card is front and back, it will be the top or top left player on the front of the card.

4)      Hierarchy of Cards

a.       Cards will go to the team name printed on the card.

b.      If multiple teams are listed for the same player (Ex: Michael Vick Falcons/Eagles card from the 9/22 break).  Placement rule 3 section A article 1 will apply and we will use the jersey the player appears in that respected placement (top, and or left). 

c.       If the player is retired, we will first use the team printed on the card, and/or the jersey they are wearing.

d.      If they are shown in their college uniform or no uniform at all, we will use the team they played for last. 

e.       If we encounter an issue where the team is no longer in existence and it is not listed in the rulings below first, then we will use the team that currently resides in that city.  If that is not available, we will link the team to the franchise in another city, and if that is not available we will use the last team they played for or 

        ***UPDATED 09/18/2012***

Los Angeles Rams = St. Louis Rams

Los Angeles Raiders = Raiders

Baltimore Colts = Indianapolis Colts
Houston Oilers = Tennessee Titans
Chicago/St. Louis Cardinals= Arizona Cardinals
Canton Bulldogs= Cleveland Browns
Any other one off situations if the team does not exist (other than the ones listed above) will be given to the current team that resides closets(mileage wise) to that team on the cards city(e.g. Canton Bulldogs= Cleveland Browns.)

f.       *Upperdeck Products*

            i.      Since 2010, Upper Deck has lost their NFL license and this is why they picture players in their college uniforms. When breaking Upper Deck products where players are in their college uniforms, we will use the most current NFL team that player is on. If they are retired or a free agent we will use the team they last played for.

5)      Shipping

a.       Free Shipping is included

b.      We ship USPS priority with careful packaging. Bubble Mailers, New Supplies with each card, never tape on the cases!

c.       If you would like to purchase insurance or have a special delivery request, please contact me immediately. I cannot be held responsible for any mistakes or lost packages by USPS.

6)      Refunds

a.       No refunds for any reason; there is a chance that your team will not receive any cards. The more teams you buy the better chance you have of getting a hit!  

b.      Upon making a purchase you are acknowledging that you have read and understand these rules

c.       Please DO NOT purchase if you do not understand them.

d.       No International buyers at this time. There are absolutely no refunds if you purchase a spot and wait until after the break to notify me that you are international.

7)      Please E-Mail Me if you have ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL and Please read the FAQ by clicking HERE